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    Botanist: a person who specializes in botany, until the 18th century this term was also used in the German language.

    Many men dress according to the style group to which they belong. To the dandies, athletes, skaters, rockers or golfers, to name just a few examples.
    Do you have to be a botanist to wear boxers from Botanist? Certainly not.

    It does not matter whether you live in the countryside or in the city, are a gardener, forest ranger, banker, engineer or designer – who can’t get excited about the beauty of nature? Let yourself be inspired by the manifold motifs on the Botanist boxers and embark on a discovery tour through lonely forests, wide fields and past cool creeks.
    On our first motifs you will find plants and animals known from Central Europe – ferns, wild strawberries, owls, larch and pine trees, squirrels and many more. We didn’t have to let our gaze wander so far to capture a variety of impressions. But you can be sure that we will continue our walk, through Central Europe and beyond in the future… Join us on our way and become a botanist!